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Meeting Dale !

One of my collecting highlights was getting to meet Dale and get his autograph on a rear quarter panel from his car I bought in a charity auction. I also have fenders from each of his kids cars. Kerry's channellock, Kelly's mom & pops, Jr's mom & pops and his 99 budweiser. The Budweiser door post from Jr's car, I had Dale autograph it at the Racing Expo show in Nashville on Janurary 19th, 2001. Who knew in less than a month later our Hero and 7 time Winston Cup Champion would die at Daytona.

I began watching NASCAR races in '95.

In '96 I started what would become an obsession. Collecting trading cards of my favorite drivers, Dale Earnhardt, Dale Earnhardt Jr & Kerry Earnhardt.

My collection consists of thousands of trading cards and autographs,and any other collectible I could find of these drivers. Check out my wanted page for things I need and check out my trades page (Earnhardt and others) for inserts and base cards I have to trade or sell.


If you are a fellow collector, I'd love to hear from you:

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