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My Autographed Collection So Far

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If you have certified autographs not shown, let me know. Thanks.
All photos below are of certified autographs.

97 Autographed Racing Autograph


97 Press Pass Autograph #84/525

97 Pinnacle Spellbound Autograph 500 auto'ed

98 Press Pass Autograph #13/63

98 Upper Deck Road to the Cup 50th Anniversery Autograph

This card is one of my favorites and is number 2/50.

99 Press Pass
Autograph #50/75

These autographs were inserted in limited numbers in the first Press Pass product release of 99.

99 Press Pass
Signings #37/400

This card was part of a 60 card autographed set seeded throughout the 99 Press Pass line.

00 Press Pass Autograph

This card has 99 on the back, but I believe it is the 00 autographed card.

00 Wheels Autograph

92 Wheels Silver Signature Edition Autograph

The silver signature edition hologram were produced and numbered to 3,000. This one is #319/3,000 and is autographed. There were only 300 autographed sets of the signature edition cards made.

92 Wheels Platinum Signature Edition Autograph

There were only 500 of the platinum signature edition cards made and this one is number 212/500. This is part of the 3 card autographed set.

92 Wheels Gold Signature Edition Autograph

Finally we have the gold signature edition hologram autographed. The gold edition was produced to 1,500 cards. This one is 329/1,500 and is the final card in the 3 card set.

1991 Champion

This is card #294 from the 92 Maxx set.
This card was also sent to the fan club.

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