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Kerry Earnhardt The Next Generation
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Kerry & Team Postcards
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Here are several items of Kerry that I am currently looking for. If you have any of these, I trade book for book or will buy outright. Thanks for any help.



High Gear Gold- 180

High Gear Gold Day 1- 180,182

Optima XL- 45 (Kelley E)

Optima XL- 43 (Dale/Teresa)

Optima XL Red Hot- 43 (DE/TE)


Optima Profiles- 88


High Gear- KE2/2

High Gear Beckett Sample- 38


Press/Media Kits

00 ARCA Kannapolis Imtimidators kit
02 Supercuts/Jani King/Hot Tamales/Diamond Gussett (any kits)
02 Racing USA kit from Talladega
03 Supercuts kit


00 Kannapolis Intimidators ARCA Series
02 Racing USA postcard from Talladega race

Here I might include weather or track conditions for an upcoming race.