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Kerry Earnhardt The Next Generation
Kerry Earnhardt Complete Trading Card Checklist


Kerry Earnhardt Complete Trading Card Checklist
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Here is what I believe to be the complete list of Kerry Earnhardt trading cards available. The list will be updated with every new release. If you have or know of any cards not listed here that feature Kerry, please email me and I will add them to the list.

1993 (3 Cards)
Action Packed- 139
Maxx- 274
Maxx Premier Plus- 189
1994 (18 Cards)
High Gear- 180
High Gear- 182 (rookie Card)
High Gear Day 1- 180
High Gear Day 1- 182
High Gear Day 1 Gold- 180
High Gear Day 1 Gold- 182
High Gear Gold- 180
High Gear Gold- 182
Optima XL- 43A
Optima XL - 43B
Optima XL- 44
Optima XL- 45
Optima XL- 46
Optima XL Red Hot- 43A
Optima XL Red Hot- 43B
Optima XL Red Hot- 44
Optima XL Red Hot- 45
Optima XL Red Hot- 46
1995 (4 Cards)
Action Packed Sundrop- SD3
Action Packed Sundrop- SD3 Autographed (500 made)
WSMP Dale Earnhardt The Next Generation- 1
WSMP Dale Earnhardt The Next Generation- NNO 5x7
2002 (12 Cards)
Press Pass- 73
Press Pass Platinum- 73
Press Pass Autographs- NNO
Press Pass Signings- 14
Press Pass Signings Gold #ed to 50- 14
Trackside Beckett Promo- 43
Trackside Beckett Promo- 90
Trackside- 43
Trackside- 90
Trackside Golden #ed to 50- 43
Optima DE Profiles- 88
Optima DE Profiles #ed to 250-88
2003 (10 Cards)
High Gear - 38
High Gear First Gear- 38
High Gear MPH #ed to 100- 38
High Gear Beckett Sample- 38
High Gear KE 1/2
High Gear KE 1/2 Error (No foil on card)
High Gear KE 2/2
Press Pass - 35
Press Pass Platinum- 35
Press Pass Beckett Sample- 35

Pepsi 400
Daytona International Speedway

Winner: Jeff Burton

Comments: What a race! Unending drama! Bumps and taps! A photo finish!