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Dale Earnhardt Base & Insert Cards Needed

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Cards with a (p) beside them are on their way to me and will be taken off when in hand.
I update this list as soon as a trade is made, so check it often. Thank you, Tony

This page last updated:May 13, 2003

1983 (back to top)
Uno- 27

1986 (back to top)
Sport photographics-4

1988 (back to top)
Maxx Myrtle Beach- 10

1991 (back to top)
Iroc- Dale E (need the REAL ONE PLEASE)
Motorsports models premier set-34,49,64
Traks glossy's- 3A,3B,13,27,77,103-A,186-A,186-B,190-A,190-B,197

1992 (back to top)
Card Dynamics Black Top Busch Series- 1
Motorsports Diecards- 2,11,17,35,36,38,40,41,42,43
Motor Sports Models Premier- 21,22,85,86
Proset hologram error- no border
Wheels holograms in package- platinum

1993 (back to top)
Action packed 24 kt gold-18,20,21,23,24,37,38

1994 (back to top)
Action packed 24 kt gold-2,179,180
Act pkd champ & challenger 24 kt gold-22,28,30,39,42
94/95 Assets multi sport- 30 silver signature
94/95 Assets 1,000.00 phone card- 1
Card Dynamics Black Top Busch Series- 1
Hi tech by 400 artist proof-9 (1 of 200)
High Gear Golds- 185
High gear gold day 1- 179,184,185
High gear power pak gold team set
Highland mint vip- silver & gold
Maxx medallion-99sp(from 89 maxx)
Optima XL red Hot Authentic Autograph (supposedly)
Optima xl red hot- 43B DE & Teresa
Power hologram sticker
Power promotional use only card(has promotional use only on front of card)
Press Pass 24 kt gold Metal Collectors 5000 Series
Press pass cup chase-cc5 (P)

1995 (back to top)
95 5 sport autograph- 161 #ed to 225
Act pkd driving with Dale 24 kt gold-2,5
Act pkd stars Race for 8, 24 kt gold-12,15
Action Packed Sundrop Autographed- SD2
ASSETS SET- A7 (all cards are prefixed with the letter A)
Assets racing phone cards- 25.00 pc-2, 100.00 pc-2 , $1,000 pc-2
Classic games .999 silver border-1,2,3
Crown jewels diamond- 1 #ed to 599
Gold assets printers proof- 1
Gold assets silver signature- 1
Gold Assets 1,000.00 phone card- 2
Hi Tech BrickYard 400 Gold Foil- 2,41,56,77,87
High Gear Day 1 Gold- 31 RC, 41 AP, 86 DE
Images circuit champion-8
Matchbox Winston Cup Champions set- 10,16,17,20,21,23,24
Maxx Premier Series- 267
Metallic impressions 10 card set
Optima xl diecut-6,51
Press Pass Red Hot- 98 Petree
Press Pass 24 kt gold Metal Collectors 5000 Series
Select flat out- 76
Vip fans choice gold-fc1
Western Steer Mom & Pops 3 card & 1 postcard set
Zenith z team-1

1996 (back to top)
Assets race day-rd3
Assets 10.00 phone card (DE not car)-4
Assets $1,000 phone card -1
Assets (classic sprint)-phone cards #6- 1.00 & 2.00
Assets (classic sprint) crystal 5 minute phone card
Assets (classic sprint) hot print phone cards- 1.00,5.00 & 10.00
Assets (classic sprint) gold phone cards- 1.00, 2.00, 5.00 10.00
Autographed Racing Red Foil Autograph- Richard Childress
Classic- 39 (may not exist)
Classic printers proof 1 OF 498- 32
Classic signings- 79
Classic signings diecut- 79
Classic signings red & blue signatures- 79
Crown Jewels Elite Sapphire #ed 1,099- 41 David Smith
Crown Jewels elite emerald #ed 599- 41 David Smith
CJETC emerald #ed 599-1,27,41
CJETC sapphire-27,41
CJE diamond tribute citrine #ed 999- 41
CJETC birthstones of a champ-bc1 #ed to 599(also Treasure chest)
CJE diamond tribute signature garnet & peridot #ed 499- CS1
CJE dual jewels DJ1-amethyst,garnet & sapphire
CJE treasure chest dual jewels #ed 1,499 amethyst,garnet, sapphire- DJ1
CJE treasure chest 7 gems-sg1
CJE diamond 7 gems-e7
Knightquest black knight-43,44 #ed to 899
Knightquest white knight-22,25,43 #ed to 499
Knightquest knights of the round table-kt2
M Force blacks-b3
Maxx premier series-3,73,262
Pinnacle printers/artist proof-3
Pinnacle pole position lightning fast-27,56,57,59,72
Pinnacle pole position no limit gold-3
Press pass burning rubber-br3
Press pass premium emerald proof-2
Press pass premium burning rubber-br5
Racers choice artist proof-59
Racers choice sundrop autographed- SD3
Scoreboard Speed Street 600 phone cards- DE1,DE3,DE5
Scoreboard Speed Street 600 gold card- GC2 (DE's car)
SP holoview maxximum effects diecut me3
Speedflix artist proofs-17,37,52,54
Speedflix clear shots-1
Ultra- 182
Ultra update proven power-2
VIP emerald proof #ed to 380-8,38
VIP firesuits- have DE 2 gold need the rest
VIP war paint gold-wp2
VIPER 1st strike- 33 Childress
Viper black mamba-1,43
Viper black mamba 1st strike-1, 33 RC
Viper green mamba-1, 33 RC
Viper green mamba autograph
Viper copperhead- 33 RC
Viper copperhead 1st strike-1, 33 RC
Viper black mamba special insert #ED TO 500-r3
Viper green mamba spec insert-r3
Viper king cobra oversize 1st strike
Viper cobra reg & 1st strike-c1
Viper diamondback 1st strike #ed to 1,499-d2
Viper diamondback auth 1st & california-db2
Viper mom & pops special offer card
Zenith artist proof-65,66,67,69
Zenith artist proof 24 kt gold-66
Zenith champion salute-2,3,6,9,10,16
Zenith 7 wonders-1

1997 (back to top)
Action packed 24 kt gold-2
Actionvision precious metal-6
Autographed mayne street-km1
Collector's Choice Trivia- 2,54,66
Jurassic park t rex-tr5
Maxx autograph- 88 maxx autoed to 100
Pinnacle artist proof purple-3
Pinnacle press plates- any & all
Pinnacle team pinnacle blue-3
Pinnacle cert mirror red-3,37,76,93
Pinnacle cert mirror blue-3,37,76,93
Pinnacle cert mirror gold-3,37,76,93
Pinnacle certified gold team-1
Pinnacle mint gold card-21
Pinnacle mint silver card-21
Pinnacle precision steel silver-10,11
pinnacle precision gold-10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18
Pinn tot cert platinum gold #ed to 49- 3,37,76,93
Predator 1st slash- 58 Childress
Pred grizzly 1st slash- 58 RC
Pred red wolf-58 RC
Pred red wolf 1st slash- 58 RC
Pred amer eagle 1st slash-ae1
Pred golden eagle 1st slash-ge1
Pred gatorback 1st slash-gb1
Pred gatorback authentic-gba1
Pred gatorback auth 1st slash-gba1
Press pass lasers (silver)- 56,95
Press pass torquers (blue)- 32
Press pass oil slicks-4,32
Press pass burning rubber-br2
Press pass premium emerald proof- 29
Press pass prem oil slicks- 4,29
Press pass prem crystal ball diecut- cb2
Press pass prem double burners- db1
Racers choice showcase series- 104
Racers choice busch clash- bc11
Racers choice high octane glow- ho2 (no race name,goodys, indianapolis,
miller, napa, uaw-gm quality, enhanced contest redemption-need all)
Race Sharks Autograph Redemption card
Race Sharks 1st Bite Autograph Redemption Card
Race sharks 1st bite(2 bites)-1
Race sharks hammerhead- 32 RC
Race sharks hammer head 1st bite-1, 32 RC
Race sharks tiger shark 1st bite-1, 32 RC
Race sharks great white shark tooth on card reg & 1st bite-1
Scoreboard iq remarques finished-sb1,sb3
SP super series diecuts -3,45
SPX gold-3
Ultra update autograph redemption card(not auto)
Upper deck rttc checkered cup chase #ed to 100-cq3
Upper deck Victory Circle victory lap-VL1
VIP oil slicks-6
VIP knights of thunder gold-kt1
Viper black racer 1st strike-68
Viper King Cobra-KC1
Viper cobra 1st strike-c1
Viper diamond back 1st strike-db8
Viper diamond back authentic east- reg & 1st strike
Viper diamond back west 1st strike-dba8

1998 (back to top)
High gear mph-5,29,48,64
High gear autograph-6
High gear custom shop-all
Maxx 10th anniversery champs past diecut-cp3
Maxximum field generals-3 star autograph
Maxximum field generals- 4 star autograph
Pinnacle mint silver-3
Pinnacle mint gold-3,17
Press pass oil slicks-4,29
Press pass triple gear-3 in 1
Press pass triple gear burning rubber-tg2
Press pass signings gold auto-3
Press pass prem flag chasers reflector-fc20
Press pass prem triple gear-tgf2
Stealth octane diecuts-oc10
Stealth race used gloves-g8
SP authentic sign of the times auto level 2 -st3
SP authentic traditions-t1
VIP headgear diecut-HG2
VIP triple gear sheetmetal-tgs2
Wheels goldens-9,34,83,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99
Wheels autograph-1

1999 (back to top)
High gear mph-8,48,64
High gear autograph-6
High gear custom shops-I have DE-A1 need the rest
High gear race used flags-all
Press pass burning rubber-br9
Press pass triple gear 3 in 1-tg9
Press Pass Premium Reflectors- 6,35 (dosen't say reflector)
PP Premium Reflectors badge of honor- 19 (dosen't say reflector)
Press pass prem race used firesuit-f3
SP authentic sign of the times auto-7
Stealth octane diecut- O28
Stealth race used glove-g3
Stealth sst-sst2 garage scene
Stealth headlines-sh2
Upper deck rttc signature collection-de
Upper deck vc signature collection auto-de
VIP laser explosive #ed to 225-L41
VIP sheetmetal-sm2
VIP Gold autograph 97 Actionvision precious metal- 6
Wheels goldens-9,56
Wheels solos-9,56
Wheels flags of daytona-all

2000 (back to top)
High gear mph-7
High gear autograph-de
High gear flag chasers-fc3
Maxx racers ink-DE
Maxx oval office-oo2
Maxximum diecut #ed to 3-7
Maxximum signatures - DE
Maxximum signatures- DE/JR
MVP gold script-87
MVP super script-3,87
Optima overdrive-oo2
Optima race used lugnuts-ln4 hobby & retail
Press pass burning rubber-br6
Press pass burning rubber autographed #ed to 11-br6
PP prem race used firesuit-f6
SP silver #ed to 250- 5
SP supremacy #ed to 3- 5, 80
Sp authentics sign of the times #ed to 25-DE
Stealth profile-pr10
Stealth race used gloves-g3
Trackside goldens-2,36
Trackside pitstoppers-ps3
Upper deck racing challenge race car token card
Upper deck racing challenge silver-O5T
UD Racing Challenge #ed to 25- 9,80,81,82
UD Racing Challenge #ed to 100- 78,79
UD Racing Challenge #ed to 500- 74,75,76,77
UD vc winning material tire-tde
VIP laser explosives-lx41
VIP rear view mirror explosive (non diecut)-rm3
VIP sheetmetal-sm3

2001 (back to top)
High gear mph-2
High gear flag chasers-all
High gear autograph-de
Press pass millennium-49
Press pass autograph
Press pass burning rubber-brd3,brc3
Press pass double burner-db3 Press pass triple burner-tb3
Press pass prem prem choice reflector-77
PP prem firesuit
Trackside golden-3
Trackside pitstoppers- psd3, psc3

TRIBUTES (back to top)
01 Optima optium performance-18
02 Optima DE Profiles- 88
02 Press Pass Premium Top 8 Victories-45

Promos & Oddball cards (back to top)

1991 Wake forest womens basketball schedule

1992 Traks A1 RP/DE auto (no autos)

1994 Track stars(gold prism with DE info on back promo)
94-95 Americas racing promo 1/10,000

1995 Crown jewels signature jems Uncut
Race call 10.00 phone card DE Chev open house 5-22-95
Race call 25 units phone card RCR3 with DE's car on it
95 or 96 heroes of the game magazine card

1996 Assets promo

No Year oddball cards (back to top)
Dale's new ride
Nitro elite-gold sign. on front
Showtime promo
Yellow/Gold card with DE holding helmet in front of lumina
Track stars promo

Gold Cards (back to top)
Gold performance mint 22kt gold #'s 1-12
00 Bleachers 23kt gold card

Phone Cards (back to top)
25.00 scoreboard Intimidator Sam Bass print
GM Goodwrench 10 minute pro shop phone card