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Kerry Earnhardt Trading Card and Postcard Wants

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Cards with a (p) beside them are on their way to me and will be taken off when in hand.
I update this list as soon as a trade is made, so check it often. Thank you, Tony

This page last updated:, July 20, 2003

1994 (back to top)
High Gear Gold Day 1- 182
Optima XL Red Hot- 43 Dale/Teresa

2002 (back to top)

2003 (back to top)
Trackside Beckett Samples- 37, 64

Diecast (back to top)
I need several 1/64th and 1/43rd scale diecast of Kerry's that contain trading cards, email what you have available. Thanks.

Postcards (back to top)

I need 2 of the 2002 Kerry Racing USA postcard from Talladega. I also 2 of the 01/02 Arca Intimidators postcards. I need the 03 Jani King postcard and press kit.

I am also looking for any kind of press kits of Kerry, be it arca, busch or winston cup. I have the Marines Busch kit and Channellock . Any help is appreciated and I love trading cards, kits or anything else of interest. Email if you have something of Kerry's of interest to me. Thanks.