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In Loving Memory - A picture of Dale Earnhardt - 1951 to 2001

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Beckett Racing Supercollector for Oct, 02

Missing Dale

It's been a year since Dale passed on
At Heaven's door, they welcomed him home
His dad and friends from days gone past
We're glad to see Dale Earnhardt at last

It's not the same since Dale's not here
The Black #3 has disappeared
We miss his car and miss his smile
We really miss his intimidating style

The loss and pain are easing now
They say we must move on somehow
We have Kerry and Dale Jr to carry on
The Earnhardt name we all have known

You were the best that Nascar had
And for your time here, we are glad
The legacy you left behind
Will forever challenge the competitive mind

We love you Dale
And always will
Until at last we meet
On Heaven's Hill.

Tony Lee

Rest in peace Dale, and God Bless.


I have started a new yahoo group exclusively for collectors of Dale Earnhardt trading cards. I am a member of several trading groups and it is becoming increasingly harder to find the DE cards I need to complete my collection. Hopefully we can fill this group with only Earnhardt collectors and help each other find those hard to find cards that have eluded us for so long. Email me about the group and possible membership.

About Me Page

The about tells a little about my collection and my first time getting to meet Dale person to person. There is nothing like getting to meet your Hero face to face. He is deeply missed.

Dale Earnhardt Pages

On the wanted page, I have a complete list of Dale's cards I need. On the 25 most wanted page, is my list of top 25 autographs wanted of Dale's I still need. I would eventually like to have 1 of every Dale Earnhardt card made. It'll take some time and alot of searching, but that's the fun and purpose in collecting. I have several extra Dale Earnhardt cards to trade for my wants. (check out that list).


DE Autographed Items

I have 41 authentic autographed cards and 75 items total that have been autographed by Dale. I have most of them pictured on my photo pages. Take a look around my photo pages (cards-1, cards-2, cards-3, cards-4, other) of these items.

Kerry Earnhardt

I have started collecting Kerry Earnhardt's postcards, press kits, and trading cards. I am currently building a Kerry E fan site like this one with a complete Kerry trading card checklist. I will post the link when I finish. Until then, check out my Kerry wanted cards and other items at Kerry. You can also check trade inserts available listed by driver at the trade inserts link here trade list I love to trade and meet new collectors. Email if you're interested in a trade. Thanks.

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